Excellence. In the martial arts, it's what a Black Belt represents. And excellence is what I help my clients to achieve. It could be excellence in maintaining or losing weight. It could be excellence in preparing for a first -- or thirty-first -- triathlon. It could be excellence in being able to keep up with two very active toddlers.

I want to help you become the very best at whatever you want to do. Want to be the best tennis player you can be? I can design a program that will help you get to balls faster and have more power on your return shots. Want to be the best accountant that you can be? I can design a program that will keep your lower back healthy and happy during even the most intense tax preparation marathon.

Black Belt Fitness Personal Training combines traditional strength training, not-so-traditional strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and elements of the martial arts to help you transform your body and achieve your goals. You'll not only increase your muscular strength, you'll improve your endurance, agility, balance, and overall body awareness.

And if that wasn't enough, you'll also look and feel great.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, improved coordination, proper recovery from an injury, greater distance on your tee shot, or just to look smokingly good in a short sleeve shirt or backless dress, I will design a program that can get you there.

And if you don't feel like working out by yourself, don't worry. In addition to one-on-one training sessions, I also do two-on-one sessions so you and a friend can work out together and push each other towards your goals.


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