Steve Steinberg is a certified personal trainer, martial arts instructor, and 2nd degree Black Belt in the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do.

He's also a fitness writer who has published dozens of articles covering everything from avoiding groin pulls to becoming a stronger surfer. His work has shown up in places like Men's Journal, GQ, Best Life, and Smart Business magazines, on CBS' Late Late Show, and on an award-winning comedy series on WGBH-Radio in Boston. Currently, he's on the writing and review board of Upwave, Turner Communication's health and wellness brand.

Most recently, his second book, "Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing" was published by St. Martin's Press. Written with his buddy and PGA Tour Biomechanics Coach, Joey Diovisalvi, it's designed to help golfers improve their game by helping them discover and then correct the strength and flexibility issues that are preventing them from swinging the club correctly. You can check it out and even buy the thing by clicking HERE.

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Steve also co-authored the ground-breaking "The 30-Minute Celebrity Makeover Miracle" with NBC Weekend Today's fitness guy, Steve Zim. There are rumors that the work will soon be turned into a Broadway musical.

For almost 15 years, he's been drawing from this varied and diverse fitness background to custom-design programs tailored to each of his clients' specific goals and needs. His passion and expertise are in developing creative, fun, and challenging ways to keep his clients motivated and healthy.

And, as you can see by this bio, he also enjoys referring to himself in the third person.


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